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The sticks and stir sticks we produce are made from the highest quality birch and beech wood, whose odourlessness and the chemical composition obtained during the steaming process completely eliminate the possibility of odour or taste penetrating into the food.

All products have a Quality Certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene confirming their suitability for use in the food industry.

Compared to the increasingly rare plastic sticks and stirrers, which have an unfavourable and destructive impact on the natural environment, our products have the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to make any type and shape of stick.

There is also the possibility of edge milling and making all kinds of inscriptions, logos and symbols on our flat sticks.

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Wytwórnia Patyczków do Lodów Antoni i Dominik Krasiński S.C
Wojnarowa 127, 33-322 Korzenna

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+48 664 490 643 Dominik Krasiński +48 601 909 679 Sebastian Krasiński

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